VL Harmon Advisors is a strategy, policy, and advocacy firm which deploys knowledge, relationships, and influence to tackle the climate emergency. We deliver stakeholder value and environmental justice with expertise in clean energy, climate policy, government, global financial services, banking, and philanthropy.


Market & Opportunity Analysis


Policy & Advocacy

Climate Finance

Influencer and Stakeholder Mapping

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

Media and Communications Strategy and Outreach



Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Victoria Harmon has built her career at the intersection of business, policy, and media for publicly traded companies and government.

Victoria is an accomplished and trusted advisor with a robust network bridging international business, government practices, and social benefit with a deep understanding of how political, local, and world events influence domestic and international markets and consumer trends.



VL Harmon Advisors’ Projects Run the Gamut

Some examples:

  • Professional trade organization promoting and advocating for the responsible and affordable development of  offshore wind in New York State
  • Major global tech company building AI computational tools for greater grid visibility to decarbonize the energy system
  • A manufacturer and developer of solar PV panels in Upstate New York bringing jobs and economic development to the region
  • A New York-based company transitioning its fossil fuel plant into a renewable energy hub in New York City
  • Wall Street asset management professionals seeking impactful media coverage to expose the lack of collective action to fund an ETF publicly pledged by global financial firms at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland
  • A Texas-based environmental services and emissions testing company providing services and technologies to accurately measure energy companies and manufacturers output enabling them to reach their carbon reduction and ESG goals while reducing methane leaks
  • Energy efficiency and building developers bringing decades of knowledge and expertise to build the first carbon-neutral housing development in the Northeast for healthy housing, low emissions, low energy costs and a cleaner environment
  • Advancing public policy, regulatory and program designs on behalf of a New York / New England-based retail solar and storage developer to grow their commercial and industrial (C&I) customer base
“As an elected and public official, I depend on trusted colleagues to use impeccable judgment and give me truthful and solid advice. Victoria has been at my side and offered tremendous insight about how best to share and expand my knowledge with new and relevant audiences in the clean energy, climate technologies and green jobs space.”

-Kathy Hochul, 57th Governor of New York

“We were seeking a communications professional with strong press relationships and a thorough understanding of the media to refine and pitch our story about the lack of collective action by major financial firms revolving around a publicly listed climate-focused ETF. Victoria knew exactly who, how and where to go. Her solid comprehension of climate finance combined with her communications expertise got our story successfully and accurately depicted in a major print publication, as promised. Goal achieved.”

– Sudip Thakor, Founder and Managing Partner, Pumori Capital and Former Global Head, Emerging Market Products, Credit Suisse Asset Management

“With decades of experience in various leadership roles on Wall Street, I knew we had an important story to tell – we personally witnessed zero follow-up and a failure of collection action involving a high-profile, public climate financing commitment made during COP26 in Glasgow by global banks and financial firms. Victoria understood the story and was committed to getting the facts thoroughly and accurately exposed in a top-tier publication. She delivered. And we even had some fun!”

– Jim Healy, CEO, Capra Ibex and Former Global Head, Fixed Income, Credit Suisse

“Victoria Harmon is a superb connector who identifies issues and possibilities. She is a master at painting the big picture while explaining the policy details that make change possible.”

– Richard L. Kauffman, Chairman of the New York Energy Research and Development Authority I Former New York State ‘Energy Czar’

“Soon after VL Harmon Advisors was founded, we hired Victoria and her team, and we’ve been very happy with the market and political intelligence she has shared along with her strategic media insights. We are also proud to work directly with and support a local woman-owned business.”

-Sid Nathan, Head of External Affairs, Rise Light & Power

“Victoria and her team created a superb marketing document including packing complicated and detailed facts and information about offshore wind development into one brochure. It looked terrific, visually attractive, and easy to follow.”

-Fred Zalcman, Director, New York Offshore Wind Alliance


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